Joseph — From Pit to Palace

The journey ‘from pit to palace’ found in Genesis 37-50 is the life story of Joseph, a man who learned to trust God through all of life’s tumultuous ups and downs. It’s a story of God’s sovereignty. His providence. Of God’s ability to weave together all of life’s ‘seemingly’ random, unfortunate events into the bigger picture of His ultimate rescue and provision. Joseph’s is a story of God preparing a man for honour, by first refining him through dark times. Joseph has to grapple with pride, rejection, slavery, despair, accusation and prison before he is ready to be elevated to the right hand of Pharaoh. This provocative story is a word in season, for our turbulent times that we too might learn how to trust God in the midst of uncertainty and despair. The story’s finale is one of hope. Reconciliation and forgiveness for a broken family and provision for the nations in the midst of famine. And yet there’s even more… The story of Joseph points to God’s chosen Son, who endured darkness and despair before being elevated to a place of glory, the glory of the cross. Jesus Christ is the true Joseph, and his journey ‘from pit to palace’ has brought reconciliation and provision for every nation.

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