Elisha: A Life of Faith

The book of Kings tells the story of a long line of monarchs who came after David but who don’t live up to the promise of establishing God’s kingdom, rather they run the nation of Israel into the ground. Interspersed through King’s are Prophets - key figures in Israel’s history, they speak on behalf of God to call out idolatry and injustice and remind Israel of their calling to be a light to the nations. Elisha, a disciple of the prophet Elijah is a voice to the nation, performing signs and wonders that the people might sit up and take notice of what God commands. The study of Elisha then is provocative; his signs miraculous, and his life extraordinary. The stories of Elisha are compelling and yet challenging, calling us to consider how we might best obey and follow God today. In this series, we’re going to be studying the life of Elisha, exploring the sign that he was to his generation and unpacking how Jesus, the true Elisha, calls us to be a sign to our generation today.

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